Apply / Modify / Remove Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) on your offers

You can now set Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) limits on your low priced listings priced under INR 500.00/unit in all categories for your Easy Ship, FBA and Seller Flex offers.

MOQ limits will enable you to offer low-priced selection in a hassle-free and sustainable manner by:
1.    Lowering the per-unit shipping costs.
2.    Saving time and costs involved in creating multi-packs.
3.    Improving search discoverability by eliminating duplicate listings of different pack sizes.
4.    Consolidating sales and reviews into a single listing.

For Easy Ship / Seller Flex / FBA orders, weight handling fees are charged on a per-shipment basis, MOQ enables you to increase the number of units shipped in a single shipment thereby reducing the weight handling fees incurred per unit.

Please note: Only the weight handling fee computation will be on a per-shipment basis. All other fee types are charged on a per-unit basis.

Your request will only be processed if Price x MOQ limit < INR 1000 and MOQ limits are less than or equal to 12. So please set MOQ limits accordingly.

Visit the MOQ help page to learn more

For faster processing your request, visit MOQ page to download your latest offers file & submit the file.
Steps to request MOQ limits
1) Visit MOQ page to download your eligible offers or alternatively download the Blank template

2) Enter the required fields on the MOQ request template & save the file.
3) Please provide the below information

Click here to fetch Merchant Token               Your Amazon selling account name

Status update of your MOQ request will be shared to the above email IDs.

Kindly provide your details to reach you directly
We may contact you to get additional information, only if required

Allowed File types: xls and xlsx only
1. Kindly provide your Registered email ID which used to register your seller central account.
2. Make sure the SKU's provided in template matches your SKU's in your inventory (ensure no extra white spaces).
3. Additional details regarding MOQ limits can be found on the seller central help page
4. Visit the MOQ page to download your active & eligible offers.
5. For further queries, kindly send us a email communication to